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Hello ladybugs and knuffle bunnies! This weekends class is on! On Saturday we will be making : Green Juices with kale, broccoli, spinach etc. Energy Bars with sprouted buckwheat fruits and nuts Raw Spinach Pie with cashew cheese Flax and

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  An introduction to the huge health benefits and taste delights of Raw un-cooking. Learn smoothies, breakfasts, snacks, meals and stunning deserts as well as nutritional information for weight control, healthy bodies, healthy minds and happy people. As well as

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Athens raw magic cooking class !


Salutations fellow earthlings! Another weekend another stunning cooking & uncooking class! As you probably know by now we aim to excite your taste buds  and your gut with the healthiest most brilliant food this magnificent wondourous planet has to offer!

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Ahhhhh Spring…my favorite season…everything comes to life, all of creation is filled with a lust for life…the city blooms and blushes! And Troo//Food//Liberation plans on getting your taste buds to blossom…And your bodies in shape for the sunshine and the

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In the Blender…


Lettuce Be Friends Smoothie= Hanging out in the blender- 3 cups seasonal lettuce greens, 2 dates, 6 cashews, 1 persimmon, and 2 cups water. Blend till smoothie Ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb! 3 whole oranges peeled not juiced , 1 banana frozen, 4

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Χ-mas Pixies At Your Sweet Service


  Chocolate Mousse Tart with Forest Berries And Coconut   Tα χριστούγεννα είναι η εποχή που όλοι μας ευχόμαστε υγεία στους αγαπημένους μας … Αυτό δεν σημαίνει ότι κάνουμε εκπτώσεις στα γευστικά και νόστιμα γλυκά! Εμείς μεριμνήσαμε για εσάς και δεχόμαστε

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Troō Food Liberation And Real Life Simple Present: Mostly Raw, Completely Simple with Chef Haylee Otto

Plum, Avocado, & Pecan Salad-2

  “We all know that maintaining a fully raw lifestyle takes hard work and extreme dedication. After working with the world’s top raw chefs, I’ve found some simple ways to stay on a healthy track while still keeping it simple.”

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Mushroom Pizza


Flax Pizza Base 2 cups ground flax seeds Blend: 3 tomatoes 1/4 cup fresh basil 1 onion salt Once you have your liquid blend add the flax and stir quite quickly by hand so that it doesn’t clump…Once it is

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Summer Raw Food Class

Beat the heat! Summer is the best time to go RAW! All Level Summer Raw Food Class! Learn how to make smoothies, green elixirs, fresh desserts, nori rolls, noodles….and more! When: July 22 Sunday @ 1-4 p.m. Where: Dekelias 29

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LAST RAW CLASS (for reals) !!!

English Text Follows Greek  2ήμερο εργαστήρι ωμής μαγειρικής, μεσαίου και προχωρημένου επιπέδου. To μενού θα έχει υπερ-πρωινά γεύματα, όπως γάλα καρύδας μέ υπερτροφές,κρέπα με μπανάνα και φραούλες, ωμές μαρμελάδες, και παρασκευή Κομπούχας, το λεγόμενο “αρχαίο τσαί της Αθανασίας”. Στα γλυκά

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