Raw Workshop woooohooo !


Starting Thursday 20th October | Raw Food Workshop at Ε.Δ.Ω. 

Ε.Δ.Ω. is a center for the investigation, production and exhibition of contemporary art and design. Clickety click here to visit E.D.W. website.

CYCLE 1: THURSDAYS, October 20th – December 1st 2011, 18:00 – 21:00
CYCLE 2: TUESDAYS, February 21st – March 27th 2012, 18:00 – 21:00
Max. Participants: 12

Following the Troō Food nutritional principles, you will learn recipes and dishes to make healthy, seasonal, uncooked vegetarian meals for all times of the day: breakfast, smoothies, sashimis, fingerfood, lunch and dinner dishes and deserts will be created by the participants according to the fruits and vegetables available each season.

• All workshops have 6-week duration and are composed by weekly classes, unless stated otherwise.
• All workshops are project-based.
• All Classes are to be held on the same day every week, starting at 18:00hrs.
• All participants´ final works are presented at an exhibition, organised yearly at Ε.Δ.Ω.
• No particular skills are necessary, should you wish to attend to a workshop, unless stated otherwise.
• All necessary tools and materials are provided by Ε.Δ.Ω.
• Workshop fee is 200€.
• Fee is prepaid upon reservation of participants.

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  1. Garifallia says:

    pws mporei kapoios na dilwsei symmetoxi ??? yparxei kapoio mail h tilefono ??

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