photo 1604940_10202263191234368_1841735985_n_zpscafd689c.jpg

2 apples

1 lemon peeled

2 handfulls of spinach

1 tbsp of fresh lemon grass

1 stalk of celery

add a unpeeled kiwi for extra vitamin c!

if you have a good juicer you can just put them in like this…

 photo 1176297_10202263237675529_1372068895_n-1_zpsdf32ba8c.jpg


Designed especially to protect from viruses, rehydrate, and make you shiny from the inside out…its citrusy and sweet refreshing…Even my one year old loves it! I don’t know if other kids will because like his mom he loves sour lemony stuff, he will lick and lick a lemon given a chance! This juice is also full of chlorophyll, so when you sit in the sun after drinking it you will photosynthesize like a flower or a tree or a shrub or whatever your into…

 photo 1902940_10202263204114690_2143013233_n_zps1f18510c.jpg

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