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Hi there y’all! We have a whole bunch of stuff which we are up to this month  and need to inform you about, so rather than bombard your inbox with separate posts, I am gonna digest them into one handy bitesize chunk of event information!

Firstly it’s classes. Once again we are spreading the good word about raw and living foods and this month we have two beginners classes and an advanced class for your choosing:

BeginnersMonday 16th May in Kifissia at 12pm and Tuesday 31st May in Central Athens at 6pm. We have come up with a great selection of raw food ideas from green smoothies, through breakfast and dinners all the way to health boosting sweets! Learn the basic principles and ideas behind raw and living cuisine as well as leaving with a belly full of delicious food!

Advanced – Wednesday 25th May in Vouliagmeni at 5pm. Build on your existing knowledge of living foods and nutrition as we learn more advanced recipes and jump further into the range of benefits for body and mind that surround raw food. We have created a fantastic menu of advanced recipes and techniques to boost your creativity and knowledge so you can start to down the heat in the kitchen! From complete meals to snacking and food combining, we have taken inspiration from food around the world and created a global menu of delicious-ness!

For more information or to book your place e-mail us at: or call us on: 6947686846/6985086390

Next up is the Athens Eat – In. We are setting up tables in a public space to share locally grown, seasonal, and healthy vegetarian food to the community! We are celebrating everybody’s right to good food as well as reminding ourselves of the importance of enjoying food in community that is nutritive for our body and spirit.Our goal is to increase awareness of the consequences our choices can have on the planet and our fellow people. It is an opportunity to take to the streets and share our love of food and what this means to us with EVERYONE and anyone that wants to grab a bite.

Στήνουμε τραπέζια σε δημόσιο χώρο για να μοιραστούμε με τους περαστικούς χορτοφαγικό φαγητό με αγνά, εποχιακά και ντόπια υλικά! Γιορτάζουμε το δικαίωμα όλων για καλό φαγητό. H πρωτοβουλία αυτή γίνεται για να θυμηθούμε την σημασία της τροφής που δεν είναι μόνο θρεπτική για το σώμα μας, αλλά έχει και πνευματική αξία που πρέπει να αντμετωπίζεται τελετουργικά. Είναι σημαντικό να συνειδητοποιήσουμε ως καταναλωτές πως οι επιλογές μας έχουν αντίκτυπο στο πλανήτη, και στους συνανθρώπους μας. Σκοπός μας είναι να ταϊσουμε τους περαστικούς, και να τους επικοινωνίσουμε την αγάπη μας για το φαγητό.

For more information on the Eat-In movement or to get involved with cooking, visit:

It is also not too late to book your place on the Diet and Yoga Retreat in Nafplio for next weekend (20th-22nd May). Our last Yogaphoria retreat in Perivoli Hotel for this season will be a big celebration of health, beauty, communication and creativity! We will deeply detoxify ourselves during this 3-day holistic and intimate journey into our own personal life force and healing power from the perspective of Anusara Yoga principles, Kundalini Yoga, breathing and meditation practises, deep relaxation, pranic healing, macrobiotics, raw heartfull diet. More info can be found @:

That is it for now folks. But hold tight for more announcements this month with more cooking, more eating and more fun! As well as the next installment of our growing guide we will have a blinding book review and also our on-the-ground reports of the very best that the U.S.A has to offer in raw foods. Next month is shaping up to be a busy one as well, with the return of The Meet Market and Troo//Food//Liberation’s very own DJ extraordinaire Sir Prance-A-Lot And The Tights Of The Turn Table will be putting needle to vinyl and getting the party started, all will be revealed….

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