Begginers Raw Food Class in the Southern Suburbs!


Raw Food Class for Beginners! Useful everyday tips for healthy living, incorporate more raw food into your diet and experience a surge of energy and that unmistakable ‘raw food glow’…with simple recipes like almond sushi, power breakfasts with green elixirs, raw mylkshakes, nut cheeses, superfoods, and of course raw desserts with raw unprocessed cacao- the most antioxidant food on the planet! That’s right the yummiest healthiest sweetest chocolate is good for you!

When: Sunday 11th of March @ 4 p.m.

Where: Dekelias 29 Vouliagmeni

How long is it? About 4 hours of raw food fun and tasting “:)

How much does it cost? 30 if you come with a friend 35 if you come solo




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