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Wild Flower Honey Lemon Ice Cream

flower honey

My friend Sofia brought over the most amazing wild flower honey, a limited edition Apivita honey(!)…It was so good I used it as a sauce on top of  this lemon ice cream cause i didn’t want its flavour to get

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Sprouted Essene Bread


Essene Bread is super nutritious. Sprouting and cooking at a low temperature ensures the maximum vitamin and nutrient content. Sprouting also breaks down the lectins and other substances that some people are sensitive or even allergic to. Making it über yummy

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Coriander Kung-Fu Smoothie


2 ripe bananas frozen without the peel ¼ cup fresh coriander 4 juiced oranges ½ thumb of fresh ginger If your blender isn’t really strong wait till the bananas are slightly softer rather than rock hard straight from the fridge,

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Η Troo Food Liberation θα κάνει μάθημα ωμοφαγίας στη Θεσσαλονίκη. Θα ετοιμάσουμε υγιεινές και πρωτότυπες συνταγές. Θα μάθουμε να τρώμε σε αρμονία με τη φύση. Θα φτιάξουμε χορτοφαγικά φαγητά με εποχιακά και ντόπια υλικά. Θα δούμε την τροφή μας σαν

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